SHPE Foundation

SHPE Foundation Board of Directors

Miguel Alemañy


Miguel Alemañy
SHPE Foundation Board Chair
Director Research & Development
Procter & Gamble


Barry Cordero
SHPE, Inc. National President
Principal Project Engineer
Medtronic, Inc.

Diana Gomez, P.E.



Diana Gomez, P.E.
Past Foundation Board Chair
Central Valley Regional Director
California High-Speed Rail Authority

Emir Jose Macari Jose Emir Macari, PhD
Professor & Director
California Smart Grid Center
Dr. Steven Castillo
Board Member
Manager, ISR Systems Engineering and Decision Support
Sandia National Laboratories


Rosendo Cruz
Board Member
Program Officer
Exxon Mobil Corporation



Rod Garcia
Board Member
Founding Father
Century Diversified, Inc.


Adalio Sanchez
Board Member
General Manager
IBM Systems & Technology Group IBM