SHPE Foundation

Components of Noche de Ciencias

The SHPE Foundation’s Noches de Ciencias (Science Nights) include interactive acitivities for Hispanic youth and bilingual parent workshops that take place at Noche de Ciencias.  The 2013-2014 suggested activities are listed below and the curriculum/training to implement them is found on the Noche de Ciencias Resources page.


Interactive Activities

Hands-On Activity: Newspaper Tower
Students are placed in the role of civil engineers. At the end of this activity, students will be able to identify which designs can withstand the self-weight of the newspaper tower as well as a lateral wind load and which cannot. The students will have the opportunity to explain how their towers were able to withstand the lateral wind load using engineering terms learned.

Hands-On Activity: Better By Design – Glider Activity
The purpose of this activity is to use the scientific method to determine the effect of control surfaces on a paper glider. Students will construct a paper airplane/glider and will test its performance to determine the base characteristics of the plane. They will then change one of the control surfaces and compare the results to their base glider in order to determine the cause and effect relationship of the control surfaces.

Interactive STEM Panel
In this activity, SHPE Professional and Student Chapter members and STEM professionals will host a STEM panel for students in attendance. They will discuss their studies, current professions, what interests them about their careers, projects they have completed, and so forth. This opportunity will inspire students to take interest in STEM degree programs and professions.

Bilingual Parent Workshops

Paying for College: Financial Aid & Scholarships

Workshop presented in both English and Spanish

This workshop provides parents with an overview of the costs associated with attending college and information about financial aid options available to fund their children’s education. The inability to pay for college is a large impediment to student enrollment and graduation. This workshop arms parents with knowledge to help ensure their child successfully accesses existing funding opportunities to help pay for college tuition and other related expenses.

Parents will learn about the cost of tuition and other costs associated with college, such as food, books, transportation, and housing. An in-depth overview of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will be provided. Parents will also receive tips for guaranteeing that their students are scholarship ready.

Understanding College Options: Benefits, Pathways, and Preparation
Workshop presented in both English and Spanish

This workshop covers the basics of higher education systems and requirements for eligibility, selection, and enrollment. The main goals of the workshop are to help parents:

  • Understand the benefits of a college education
  • Learn about the pathways to college
  • Learn how to prepare students for college admission