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  • The SHPE Jr. Newsletter is a quarlerly publication containing various news and highlights of importance to our high school members.  Information on scholarships, awards, and upcoming events are provided.  To become a SHPE Jr. member, please click here.

Ay Mija/o Why Do You Want To Be An Engineer?

  • Each book in the ¡Ay Mija!/¡Ay Mijo! Book Series provides 12 illustrative short stories of Latinas and Latinos who have overcome social and economic barriers on their path to become a success engineer, inventor, scientist, educator, health professional, science advocate. Targetted toward junior high and high school studnets, these books share the wisdom, insight, and perseverance to excel in math and science, complete a college degree, and enter a highly skilled profession. In the end, there will be 144 documented stories of Hispanic role-models throughout the United States.
  • Currently, two books are available - ¡Ay Mija! Book Series Why Do You Want To Be An Engineer? and ¡Ay Mijo! Book Series Why Do You Want To Be An Engineer? The next book ¡Ay Mija! Why Do You Want To Be An Inventor? will be forthcoming.