SHPE Foundation

Scholarship Program FAQs

SHPE Foundation Scholarship Application FAQs


1. Personal Statement and Resume

What is a Personal Statement?

Your personal statement demonstrates to the review committee your unique qualities as an individual. It can describe your educational and life goals and how you plan to achieve them and anything else that you feel would help distinguish you from other applicants.

What is a Resume?

A resume is a brief account of a person’s education, qualifications, and previous experience. Your resume should be no longer than two pages and should include information about your education, work, and volunteer background and experience.

2. Application Eligibility

Should my school(s) mail transcripts directly to the SHPE Foundation, or do I submit them electronically?

Please upload your transcript in the online scholarship application.

If I have completed my online application, can I submit an updated resume before the deadline of May 1st?

Yes. You are able to log back in and edit your application and upload documents until the application closes on May 1st.

Is a letter of recommendation required, and if so, does it have to be from someone in a science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) related field?

Yes, at least one letter of recommendation is required. Although not a requirement, we encourage the recommendation come from a teacher or professor who can speak to your academic performance and interest in STEM.

I am in 9th, 10th or 11th grade. Can I still apply?

No. Applicants must be at least a high school senior in order to apply. We encourage you, however, to bookmark the SHPE Foundation website for future applications.

I am a working professional pursuing a graduate degree on a part time basis. Am I eligible to apply?

Yes. The SHPE Foundation Professional Scholarship is available to full-time employees who are pursuing a part-time degree in a STEM related field. However, we encourage applicants to seek tuition reimbursement from their employers prior to applying for SHPE Foundation scholarships.

I received my high school diploma in another country. Can I still apply?

No. Applicants must posses a high school diploma from an accredited high school in the United States or Puerto Rico. We do not currently accept GEDs.

I will not have a transcript to report by the 5/1 deadline because I am either in my first semester as an undergraduate or graduate student. What information should I submit instead?

If you are a first-semester undergraduate student, please submit your high school transcript. If you are a first-semester graduate student, please submit your undergraduate transcript.

I have been out of school for over a year and am returning to college to pursue my undergraduate or graduate degree. What transcript do I submit?

Please submit your transcript from the last college or university you attended.

My overall GPA is less than 2.75, but my last 60 hours and/or GPA in my major is 2.75 or over. Can I still apply?

Your overall GPA must be 2.75 or greater in order to be eligible for scholarships.

What majors are eligible to apply for SHPE Foundation scholarships?

Scholarships are awarded to students who are majoring in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics degrees. A comprehensive list of degrees currently considered can be found HERE.

Are medical students eligible to apply?

Unfortunately, the SHPE Foundation's Scholarship Program does not currently provide funding to students in medical, nursing, pharmacy, physical therapy, or related health programs.

Are students attending technical/vocational schools eligible to apply?

No. Students enrolled in certification programs or receiving technical or vocational training are ineligible. Students must be enrolled in a four-year degree program leading to a degree in a STEM field.

I am a high school senior and have not a declared a STEM major. Can I apply?

Yes. However, applications that demonstrate a strong interest in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics will be given priority.

Do I have to be a U.S. citizen, permanent resident or visa student to apply?

In general, the SHPE Foundation Scholarship Program does not have a residency requirement. However, some corporate scholarships may have their own residency requirements. Criteria and eligibility vary, but detailed information for each can be viewed in our online scholarship application program.

I am earning my doctorate. Can I apply for an SHPE Foundation scholarship?

Yes. To apply for our SHPE Foundation Dissertation Scholarship, doctoral candidates must be enrolled in a full time program and have not yet received their advancement to candidacy form.

I am a non-traditional aged student. Can I apply for SHPE Foundation scholarships?

Yes, you may apply for our scholarships if you meet all other eligibility requirements.

I am an international student entering or transferring to a U.S. accredited university or college. Can I still apply?

Yes. However, you must also meet all other eligibility requirements in order to apply. Please submit a transcript from the last university of college attended that meets the standards of a standard U.S. institution and demonstrates the equivalent of at least a 2.75 GPA on an overall 4.0 GPA scale.

Do I have to be accepted to a university before I can apply for this scholarship?

No. We encourage you to apply early, even if you have not yet been accepted, but we will require official enrollment verification prior to disbursing the award.

If I am graduating this semester can I still apply for this scholarship to pay my student loans?

No. Current enrollment verification is required.

3. Enrollment and Full-time Status

I only have one more semester of courses remaining. Can I still apply for the scholarship?

Yes. However, you will only receive an award to cover the remaining semester in which you are enrolled. Full-time status is required and is defined as 12 credit hours for undergraduate students and 9 credit hours for graduate students.

Can I still receive the scholarship if I am not a full time undergraduate or graduate student?

No. You must be a full-time student during the academic semester for which you are applying for funding. Full-time status is defined as 12 credit hours for undergraduate students and 9 credit hours for graduate students.

If I am considered full-time at my university with fewer credit hours than the scholarship eligibility requirements ask for, can I still be eligible for this scholarship?

No. Our scholarship program requires that you must be a full time student during the academic year you apply to receive your award, with full-time status defined as 12 credit hours for undergraduate students and 9 credit hours for graduate students.

I am a doctoral student who has not been advanced to candidacy. Do I need to be enrolled full-time?

Yes. Our scholarship program requires that you must be a full time student during the academic year you apply to receive your award. Full-time status is defined as 12 credit hours for undergraduate students and 9 credit hours for graduate students.

4. Application Notification

How can I confirm that my application has been received?

Once you complete your application in STARS Online, "Applied" will appear next to the scholarship name. Note - you will NOT receive a separate email confirmation.

How will I be notified if I am awarded a scholarship?

You will be notified at the email address you included in your online application.

How long does it take to process an award disbursement?

It may take up to six weeks to process your award disbursement once our office receives all required documents (official enrollment verification, transcript (spring disbursements),volunteer hours form).

5. Enrollment Verification and GPA Requirements

Where can I obtain enrollment verification?

Official enrollment verification is provided upon request by your college or university's registrar or bursars office.

If my GPA falls below a 2.75 (on a 4.0 scale) will I be considered for the next semester's award disbursement?

No. We require a 2.75 (on a 4.0 scale) for eligibility without exception.

If my GPA falls below a 2.75 (on a 4.0 scale) am I still required to submit an official transcript and enrollment verification?

Yes. We are required to have documentation for all the scholarship recipients for the full year. By turning in this information we will also be able to review academic progress when applying for future funding.

I am currently living outside the United States and am attending a non-US institution as part of my US degree program. Am I still eligible to receive a SHPE Foundation scholarship?

Yes. However, you must be considered a full-time enrolled student of the U.S. institution in order to receive your scholarship. Enrollment verification must be submitted from the U.S. institution.

6. Award Disbursement

If I am graduating in the fall semester will I receive the full scholarship award or just the semester (half) amount?

You will only be awarded for the semester in which you attend.

7. Miscellaneous

How do I become a member of SHPE?

If you have already graduated from high school, you may join here.

If you are a graduating high school senior, instructions for joining a SHPE Jr. Chapter are located here.

Are SHPE Foundation Scholarships automatically renewable?

General SHPE Foundation scholarships are not automatically renewed. However, some corporate scholarships do allow for automatic renewal as long as the student maintains satisfactory academic progress in their STEM major.

I have a full scholarship covering all tuition expenses but need money for other school related expenses such as books and materials. If I apply for other scholarships, my university would keep the money in their fund and not apply it to my account since my tuition is covered. How is your award disbursed?

We disburse our awards directly to the student versus the university (unless specifically requested otherwise).

Is Hispanic descent a requirement for eligibility?

No, although applicants of Hispanic descent will receive priority.