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To ensure the most successful implementation of your  SHPE Jr. Chapter(s), the SHPE Foundation has developed SHPE Jr. Chapter Handbook to help you establish and sustain your SHPE Jr. Chapter!

NEW for Fall 2014: The SHPE Foundation has developed a comprehensive SHPE Jr. Chapter Handbook that provides step-by-step guidance to help you start and sustain your SHPE Jr. Chapter. Download your SHPE Jr. Chapter Handbook now!

Contents of SHPE Jr. Chapter Handbook

  • Introduction to SHPE Jr. Chapters: About SHPE, About SHPE Foundation, About SHPE Jr. Chapters, Why Establish a SHPE Jr. Chapter?
  • How to Establish a SHPE Jr. Chapter
  • What is Required of the SHPE Student and Professional Chapter?
  • What is Required of the School?
  • Funding for SHPE Jr. Chapters
  • Elect a SHPE Jr. Chapter Executive Board (E-Board)
  • Create a SHPE Jr. Chapter Bylaws
  • SHPE Jr. Chapter Activities
  • Reporting Requirements
  • Planning for Next Year: SHPE Jr. Chapter Sustainment
  • Appendices
    • SHPE Jr. Chapter Proposal
    • SHPE Jr. Chapter Application Form
    • Outreach Letter to School
    • Participation Agreement from School to SHPE Chapter
    • Sample Letter to Parents and Guardians (English & Spanish)
    • Membership Application Form
    • Liability Release, Parent Permission and Emergency Contact Form (English & Spanish)
    • Photographic Consent and Release (English & Spanish)
    • Sample SHPE Jr. Chapter Bylaws
    • Chapter Information (Chartered Chapter Only)
    • SHPE Foundation Provided Curriculum
    • SHPE Foundation Provided Online Curriculum

Additional Resources

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